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Adding Syntax Highlighter to my blog.

The primary purpose of this blog is to help me catalog stuff that I find useful. I wanted a good way to highlight code snippets as well as make them downloadable when I want to reuse them. Thanks to this great post on hanselman.com I found Syntax Highlighter. Syntax Highlighter will decorate <pre></pre> tags that have been marked with specific CSS classes using JavaScript.  There is no need to have to include HTML markup in the code.   How great is that?!

Here is a test snippet:

function test() : String
	return 10;

Web Site Uptime and Performance Monitoring Freebie

I recently found basicstate.com. BasicState is a great (especially since it is free) web site uptime and performance monitoring service.  The service doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles.  It just provides a single service very well.   BasicStats can send email or text alerts when DNS or a web site is unavailable.  The service maintains a history and can email a daily report or show trends in graph format.  The history is great for explaining actual downtime to clients.   


Average Response Times for aaronkjackson.com

Average Response Times for aaronkjackson.com