Formatting Dates with Knockout.js

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I am working on a couple of Silverlight projects using Microsoft Prism and found the MVVM pattern very powerful. The team at work is developing a single page HTML/Javascript application that is using Knockout as the MVVM framework. I wanted to bind a date using a custom format ‘dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy’. Since JavaScript doesn’t… Read more »

Quick Tip: Use JQuery to submit a TextBox.

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Submitting a search box when <Enter> is pressed is a nice usability feature to provide.  Unfortunately, ASP.NET Web Forms and its requirement for a single <form> tag breaks this expected behavior when there is more than one submit button on the page.   This can be easily fixed with a JavaScript and JQuery.   Listening to the… Read more »

jQuery dialog with tabs font-size fix

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While developing AspNetInfo I ran into a styling problem when using jQuery tabs nested in a dialog.  Notice in the dialog how the tab font-size is slightly larger than the tag font-size in the page.   This is because the dialog and tab widgets are decorated with the jQuery style .ui-widget, which specifies a relative… Read more »

JavaScript Variable Pattern

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To help make writing and maintaining JavaScript easier in ASP.NET I have started to use a pattern that isolates the JavaScript variables away from the core script.  By doing this I can avoid a bunch of string concatenation in my server side code and embedded code blocks in my .aspx page when rendering dynamic JavaScript. … Read more »