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BOI2REX – Routes Have Been Finalized

Day 1.  Nampa to Mountain Home.

I’ll start in Nampa and head south through Melba and end up at the Mountain Home RV Park in Mountain Home.  I’ll end the day with 2,605 feet of elevation gain and 88 miles on the bike.  There aren’t many places to get water, so I am going to bring a CamelBak in addition to my water bottles.

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Day 2. Mountain Home to Craters of the Moon. (a.k.a.  The Test)

Starting in Mountain Home I’ll climb toward the heavens for 4,787 feet and by the time the day is done I’ll have 126 miles under my belt.  There is a big flat section in the middle, so that should help.  The first part of this day doesn’t have a lot of places to get water, so it will be another day with the CamelBak and I will have Tory drop a gallon of water part way.

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Day 3. Craters of the Moon to Rexburg

Hopefully my legs are still working and I can enjoy a 107 mile day with 1,800 feet of elevation loss.  I’ll go through Arco, Mud Lake, and the sand dunes.

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BOI2REX – Nutrition Worksheet

In preparation for my Ride Across Idaho at the end of this week I calculated my nutritional needs during the ride.  I used the calorie table and formulas at UltraCycling to help calculate my nutritional needs.

I’ll be burning between 5,000 and 6,500 calories a day!  My goal is to eat 300 – 400 calories an hour on the  bike and then make up the difference at camp.  On my 100 mile training rides I was able to consume those calories without getting a sour stomach, so I should be in good shape.

Here is a screenshot of my worksheet: