YUI Compressor and NAnt

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I have been working on creating a DotNetNuke Skin for AthleticHost.com.   In order to simplify deployment of the skin I wanted to add it as an extension to DNN rather that upload it via FTP.   I choose to use NAnt to build the extension install file.   In an effort to increase page performance I decided… Read more »

jQuery dialog with tabs font-size fix

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While developing AspNetInfo I ran into a styling problem when using jQuery tabs nested in a dialog.  Notice in the dialog how the tab font-size is slightly larger than the tag font-size in the page.   This is because the dialog and tab widgets are decorated with the jQuery style .ui-widget, which specifies a relative… Read more »

The Golden Ratio

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Not having any formal graphic design experience I stumbled across an important number in design,  1.62.  1.62 is The Golden Ratio and design elements using it are more aesthetically pleasing.  If you are a  non-graphical web developer like myself, you may find the The Golden Ratio in Web Design interesting.   You may also want to… Read more »

Checking Out the CSS-Framework

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I found the CSS-Framework that Mike Stenhouse put together to be very interesting and wanted to try and theme it. I am not at all a graphics designer and learned a great deal while putting this together. Please feel free to use the CloudySunset template. If you actually find it useful please send me a link… Read more »