BOI2REX – Nutrition Worksheet

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In preparation for my Ride Across Idaho at the end of this week I calculated my nutritional needs during the ride.  I used the calorie table and formulas at UltraCycling to help calculate my nutritional needs. I’ll be burning between 5,000 and 6,500 calories a day!  My goal is to eat 300 – 400 calories… Read more »

Search and Replace – Text/HTML – DotNetNuke 5.5

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I couldn’t get the Engage: F3 module to work with DotNetnuke 5.5 due to a known issue.  This issue will be fixed when Engage: F3 3.4 is released.  However, if you need a quick fix until then you can use this script based on the F3 module. WARNING:  Backup your database before executing this script…. Read more »

Offsetting the time zone in MS SQL 2005

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I needed to offset the current time in MS SQL 2005 for a quick fix. I wanted to make sure the solution would not have to be maintained when daylight savings time changed. Taking the difference between the GETUTCDATE() and GETDATE() functions will generate the server’s current time zone offset from UTC time. DECLARE @timezoneOffset… Read more »

Silverlight 4 – Getting Started Plan

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I have worked on a couple of small projects in Silverlight, but have never taken the opportunity to really understand the platform.  There is a new project at the office that will be using Silverlight to create interactive dashboards, so it is now time to dive into the deep end of the Silverlight pool.  Here… Read more »

Invoke an action between ASP.Net pages. Create a simple REST API for an ASP.NET page

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Update March 1, 2013 I didn’t have a full understanding of a REST service at the time I wrote this post. I have a better understanding now and recommend using ASP.NET Web API I needed a simple way for one page to call an action in another page.  In the spirit of a RESTful API…

Building DotNetNuke Modules Using Web Forms MVP

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I have been looking for a good framework that would encourage good development practices through separation of concerns and testability in my DotNetNuke modules. I was listening to Scott Hanselman’s Hanselminutes Podcast #202 and discovered Web Forms MVP.  Tatham Oddie and Damian Edwards have developed a framework for those us of us who are using… Read more »

YUI Compressor and NAnt

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I have been working on creating a DotNetNuke Skin for   In order to simplify deployment of the skin I wanted to add it as an extension to DNN rather that upload it via FTP.   I choose to use NAnt to build the extension install file.   In an effort to increase page performance I decided… Read more » will be using DotNetNuke

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    I have been working on site for Timberline High School Athletics for the last four years.  The site has become an important tool for the athletic department and used by the parents and student athletes to get news and information about the schools sports programs. Through my experience with Timberline I have discovered that… Read more »

Using FileZilla – Filename filters

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I often provide web support for our clients.  One of the first things I do for a new client is to pull down all of the files for the site and import them into Subversion.  Often I find directories littered with backup files and lazy man version control (files copied and renamed with the date… Read more »