In the beginning…

I am preparing to start my next “programming for fun” project which will be a portal for high school athletics departments. It’s a domain I know a bit about since I have already built a one-off portal for Timberline High School called I built at a time in my career when was poking around in the Java web development stack. The site was built on Struts, Hibernate, and Spring and with a small amount of support has been running for the past couple of years.

In that couple of years I have done nearly all of my development in the Microsoft development stack and DotNetNuke. I have found value in the traditional Microsoft ASP.NET approach and will continue using it when it makes sense. However with ASP.NET MVC, nHibernate, and StructureMap on the .NET scene I am looking forward to revisiting some familiar development patterns and getting exposure to many new ones.

I am pleased to introduce, MidField, a portal and social network for high school athletic departments. My first steps will be to perform a competitive analysis, identify personas, and user stories. I continue to post my progress and pit falls here.

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